Futurama (1999)




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Space Pilot 3000

A down-on-his-luck pizza delivery guy is accidentally frozen on New Year's Eve 1999, and wakes up in 2999.

28 Mar, 1999

The Series Has Landed

For the crew's first mission, they must make a delivery to the moon, which is now home to a cheesy amusement park.

04 Apr, 1999

I, Roommate

Fry and Bender decide to share an apartment, which leads to some complications.

06 Apr, 1999

Love's Labours Lost in Space

While on a mission to save animals from a doomed planet, Leela finds herself the object of a starship captain's amorous advances.

13 Apr, 1999

Fear of a Bot Planet

Fry and Leela disguise themselves as robots to find Bender after he fails to return from a delivery to a robot planet, only to learn that he has become a celebrity in a culture which fears humans.

20 Apr, 1999

A Fishful of Dollars

Fry discovers his bank account interest has made him a billionaire and buys the one thing the year 3000 doesn't have, anchovies.

27 Apr, 1999

My Three Suns

Delivery Boy Philip J. Fry is promoted to Emperor after accidentally drinking his fluid-based predecessor.

04 May, 1999

A Big Piece of Garbage

When a big ball of garbage from the 21st Century returns to threaten New New York, Philip is the only expert on making the weapon to fight it.

11 May, 1999

Hell Is Other Robots

Bender joins a robot church after fighting an addiction to electricity, but reverts to his pre-addictive behavior of cigars, booze and robot hookers, leading to a musical confrontation with the Robot Devil.

18 May, 1999


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