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A Flight to Remember

Professor Farnsworth treats the Planet Express crew to a vacation on the largest, most luxurious space cruise ship ever built... the Titanic. Once in space, love is in the air as Bender ...

26 Sep, 1999

Mars University

Fry matriculates at Mars University and competes with a monkey made smart by Prof. Farnsworth's latest invention while Bender tries to make the local chapter of his robot fraternity cool.

03 Oct, 1999

When Aliens Attack

An 'monumental' attack from Lurr of Omicron Persei 8 is precipitated by the loss of a TV show signal Fry had disrupted back in 1999.

07 Nov, 1999

Fry and the Slurm Factory

Fry wins a contest to visit the factory of his favorite addictive drink, but danger ensues when he accidentally discovers the real factory.

14 Nov, 1999

I Second That Emotion

When Bender flushes Leela's pet, Prof. Farnsworth affixes an emotional transponder so he can feel what Leela is feeling. Trying to make Leela feel better so he can feel better, Bender, Fry ...

21 Nov, 1999

Brannigan, Begin Again

After destroying the new DOOP space station, Capt. Brannigan is forced to make a living as a civilian. Begging a job at Planet Express, he instigates a mutiny against Leela so he can lead a...

21 Nov, 1999

A Head in the Polls

Richard Nixon's head runs for President of Earth.

12 Dec, 1999

Xmas Story

Fry learns how Christmas has changed and remained the same over the last 1000 years when a Robot Santa terrorizes New New York.

19 Dec, 1999

Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?

When Zoidberg seems to crazy, the crew realizes his body is reacting to the fact that it is mating season on his home planet. They all travel to the planet, hoping to find a mate for Zoidberg.

06 Feb, 2000

Put Your Head on My Shoulders

After a horrendous accident requires his body to be rebuilt, Fry's head is attached to the shoulder of a co-worker while Bender opens a dating service just in time for Valentine's Day.

13 Feb, 2000

The Lesser of Two Evils

While at a 20th century museum, Fry runs over another bending unit, Flexo. When Flexo is hired at Planet Express as extra security for the delivery of the tiara to the Miss Universe Pageant...

20 Feb, 2000

Raging Bender

Bender gets into trouble with a famous wrestling robot and accidentally knocks him out. Instantly, he is offered to fight in the professional robot wrestling league and Leela talks him into...

27 Feb, 2000

A Bicyclops Built for Two

After Leela meets a man named Alkazar, she finds out she is not the only Cyclops left. Alkazar takes Leela to his home planet and proposes to marry her. Meanwhile, Fry suspects Alkazar is hiding something.

19 Mar, 2000

How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back

A meticulous substitute bureaucrat at Planet Express develops an unseemly attraction to dirty Fry while career bureaucrat Hermes Conrad goes to a vacation resort featuring forced labor. ...

02 Apr, 2000

A Clone of My Own

Prof. Farnsworth reveals that he cloned himself years ago and introduces his clone to the Planet Express staff.

09 Apr, 2000

The Deep South

When the crew goes fishing, a giant fish pulls the ship under water. There they find an ancient city, where Fry falls in love with Umbriel, a mermaid.

16 Apr, 2000

Bender Gets Made

Bender gets inducted into the Robot mafia but has a crisis of conscience when their next score involves his friends on the Planet Express ship.

30 Apr, 2000

The Problem with Popplers

The Planet Express crew discovers a delicious snack food on a remote planet, but Leela has a change of heart when she discovers a disturbing fact about the snack food that endangers Earth.

07 May, 2000

Mother's Day

When Mom of Mom's Robot Factory takes control of every robot on Earth, the only man who can save the planet is Prof. Farnsworth.

14 May, 2000

Anthology of Interest I

In this episode of Futurama the Professor creates a What If machine that answers every question. The first question is what if Bender was 500 feet tall, the second is what if Leela was more...

21 May, 2000


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