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The Bad Fish Paradigm

Leonard becomes concerned when his date with Penny ends abruptly and she starts blowing him off. When told the truth, Sheldon would rather move out than keep Penny's reasons a secret from Leonard.

22 Sep, 2008

The Codpiece Topology

Sheldon is annoyed when Leonard turns to Leslie for comfort after seeing Penny with another guy.

29 Sep, 2008

The Barbarian Sublimation

Sheldon introduces Penny to online gaming, however she refuses to quit after becoming addicted.

06 Oct, 2008

The Griffin Equivalency

The guys struggle to cope with Raj's arrogance after he is featured in a People magazine article.

13 Oct, 2008

The Euclid Alternative

Sheldon annoys the gang when Leonard can't drive him to and from work, so they try to teach him how to drive.

20 Oct, 2008


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